Our Advantages

At Thomas Solutions, we provide our clients with solutions that meet their unique needs. We form strong, flexible partnerships with our customers and collaborate to deliver meaningful cost-saving solutions.


Better Asset Utilization

We provide our valued clients with no term leases and rentals that allow our customers to manage their vehicle expenses more effectively.


Better Use of Capital Resources

Why purchase or traditionally lease your company’s vehicles when there is no return on investment (ROI) or internal rate of return (IRR) to be realized? Use your money for projects that will increase your bottom line.


Cash Flow Friendly

We require no money down and zero capital outlay and won’t penalize you as you would be at the end of a traditional lease (both in terms of damages and loss of residual value).


Cost Certainty

A single monthly price for your vehicles that includes all regular vehicle maintenance (see details specified in Agreement Appendix A), including tire wear!



Signage, lights, racking, lift-gates, buggy whips, and more!


No Employee Downtime

Based on your fleet size, we will provide you with “spare” vehicles


No Nickel and Diming

We don’t penalize our clients for ‘putting their work trucks to work’. Scratches, dents and dings will happen.


National Coverage

We service vehicles all across Ontario as well as nationally (provided truck volume, length of engagement and timelines permit).


Improved Asset Tracking with GPS Solutions

We can provide GPS solutions for our vehicles that can provide you with custom reporting.


Specialty Vehicle Financing

If you have large or specialty vehicles that require financing, we can provide you with cost effective solutions (for vehicles ranging in value from $200,000 to $2 million).