Biosolids Management

Thomas Solutions is pleased to announce a new division that combines our expertise in workflow management and transportation with detailed knowledge of the wastewater challenges facing Niagara’s municipalities. Meet Thomas Nutrient Solutions.

Full-Service Solutions

For municipalities focused on biosolids management as core elements of their wastewater management strategies, Thomas Solutions can provide cost-effective full-service solutions. We offer a range of transportation and management services specially designed to help municipalities remove, transport and dispose of biosolids residuals from municipal treatment plants for further refinement, treatment or application.

Thomas Solutions has been providing by-products handling, transportation, storage and management for 40 years. We have worked with some of the world’s largest industrial, mining and resource operations, playing an integral role in handling and removing environmentally sensitive by-products of their operations. With massive fleets and infrastructure already in place for these purposes, Thomas’ Manpower and Equipment divisions ensure that by-products movement and management are never hindered by limited manpower or equipment issues.

We are the company that others call when they cannot supply enough Manpower or Mobile Equipment (trucks, tractors, tankers, drivers, dispatchers, labourers).

We have the experience, depth of resources and expertise required to provide municipalities with the customized biosolids management solutions they require.

Experienced Team

Our biosolids management team has extensive experience in the wastewater treatment and biosolids industries. With comprehensive knowledge of municipal wastewater challenges and decades of experience in the transportation sector, our team is driven to help municipalities execute their waste management strategies to achieve all environmental management and sustainability goals and targets.

Our team is made up of long-time Niagara residents with years of experience managing Niagara biosolids in capacities such as Operations Managers, Land Coordinators, Agronomists and Field Supervisors. When we combining this considerable expertise with our first-hand knowledge of Niagara’s biosolids challenges, we can ensure the taxpayers of Niagara Region receive efficient, cost-effective biosolids solutions.