Combine any or all of our services to help your business excel. Short term or unexpected projects may arise from time to time and you can’t afford to keep equipment and manpower on the sidelines. At Thomas Solutions we have the financing, equipment, and manpower you need to scale up for these types of opportunities quickly and cost effectively.




We offer a range of flexible financing solutions to suit your needs and tax situation. These include loans, leasing and buy-leaseback agreements. We can write you a cheque to acquire your units, lease them back to you in a tax efficient manner and provide cost certainty and fleet rollover in a fully-managed, full maintenance lease.

Project Management

Should an unusual or unexpected project arise involving handling and transportation of materials, special equipment and/or supplemental resources, we will work with you to develop a fully managed and complete project solution for one easy to understand and predictable cost.

On-site Management

We can provide resources to work with your team on-site to oversee operations or specific projects.

Flexible Solutions

Our flexible solutions are tailored to meet both the short and long-term needs of your business.



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