Thomas Vacuum Services is a new division of Thomas Solutions.   Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our fleet includes Power Vacuum, Wet Vacuum and Mobile Wash Trucks.

We specialize in on site service for the steel industry and have great familiarity with Coal Handling, Coke Ovens, Cold Mill, Z-Line, By Products and Blast Furnace.

Our services include Vacuuming of Non-Hazardous Materials from various locations in the steel mill and transferring the product to on site disposal locations. Our trucks use powerful vacuums to vacuum up contaminated solids.  The units can also remove surplus water from surface flooding, tanks or containment areas.

Our Mobile Wash division has experience with the Hot Washing, (5,000 PSI) of Industrial Equipment, including anything from Excavators, Loaders, Locomotives, Slag Pot Carriers & Slab Haulers to Earth Movers.  We also specialize in Industrial Mill Work.


 70 Beach Road Hamilton ON L8L 8K3
Phone: 1-905-545-8808
Fax: 905-549-9016


1789 Allanport Rd, Thorold ON L0S 1K0
Phone: 1-905-321-3580


4 Field St, Nanticoke ON N0A 1L0
Phone: 1-905-971-7767